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Our exclusive vinyl windows combine heavy duty frames with impact resistant glass, to ensure nothing invades your home in the event of a major hurricane.


Special process that keep the glass from separating from the frame, have been incorporated into the manufacturing process. If the window is struck by debris, it does not fall apart mainly because of a vinyl interlayer that has been fused between the glass panels.


We offer a range of high performance glass options such as low- energy coatings to resist fading of the carpets and drapes in your home.


Also to add to these options, we offer argon gas filled double glazed windows that resist heat gain in high sunlight exposed elevations of your home. This option saves on air conditioning, which will be a major cost saver for the home owner.


Our PVC vinyl French doors are also impact resistant. They come in a variety of configurations to suit your design options, when you are remodeling your home, or building new!


With stainless steel three point locking hardware and safety glass options, adjustable hinges, you can’t go wrong if you DIY, or have us install it for you.


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